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Posts from the ‘Environment’ Category

The Myth of the Wealthy Environmentalist

This story first appeared in Briarpatch Magazine on July 1, 2009:

The mercury hit 99 degrees celcius. The steam hit my eyes and Uncle Reijo started talking about snow. Read more

Earth Day Attack

This story first appeared in The Coast on April 16, 2009:

Earth Day started with good intentions, but now, it takes our eye off the ball.
By Chris Benjamin

Earth Day is next Wednesday. Check your local listings to find out how you can celebrate the bountiful beauty of Mother Earth, the sacredness of all her life and living systems, right here in Halifax. Then we can go back to beating the shit out of her on Thursday. Read more

Maritime artists address environmental issues

This story first appeared in The Coast on June 11, 2009:

Laura Burke, Carla Gunn and Emily Vey Duke discuss their varying approaches to art and the environment. Read more

Mi’kmaw Adaptation

This story first appeared in The Coast on June 25, 2009:

Psst, hey, climate change deniers: Halifax Harbour is rising, and you don’t need a PhD in carbon core analytics to prove it. A simple observatory pillar in the harbour does the trick—and that’s how city staff measures water levels. And if you don’t trust a low-tech solution, 90 years of tidal records agree with the pillar. These show that not only is our harbour rising, it’s rising faster than the most dire predictions of modern climate science. Read more

$25M seed money for Bui City

This story first appeared in The Statesman on Feb 21, 2007:

Chris Benjamin, 21/02/2007

The Minister of Finance & Economic Planning has disclosed that $25 million will be readily available as seed money for the proposed integrated Bui Dam and Bui City project. Read more


This story first appeared in The Coast on Feb 28, 2008:

Lake Major Watershed, source of Dartmouth’s drinking water, is being logged. Read more