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Musquodoboit Harbour Literary Fair

Chris Benjamin will be at the Literary Fair in Musquodoboit Harbour in the Old School Gathering Place on November 7 from 1-4 pm. This event is part of a weekend long celebration of authors and words:

musquodoboit harbour literary event

Saturday, November 7

Afternoon Readings from 1 to 4 pm. There will also be a book fair during this time with signings by local authors.

Jenni Blackmore     1:00-1:10

Chris Benjamin 1:10-1:20
Anne Simpson         1:20-1:30
Donna Morrissey   1:30-1:40
Ian Colford               1:40-1:50

Tea Demonstration          2:00-2:30

Art Burton                            2:30-2:40

Melanie Mosher                 2:40-2:50
Melody Fitzpatrick             2:50-3:00
Vivien Gorham                    3:00-3:10

Steve Vernon                      3:10-3:20

L.P. Suzanne Atkinson      3:20-3:30
Gerald Daye                          3:30-3:40

Rowland Marshall              3:40-3:50

Brett Loney                          3:50-4:00

From 7 to 9 pm

Deirdre Dwyer                    7:15-7:30

Genevieve Graham            7:30-7:45

Bethana Sullivan                 7:45-8:00

Karen Schlick                       8:00-8:15

Patrick Woodcock             8:15- 8:30

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